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poor experience

Experience is Everything

48% of shoppers have left a brand’s website and made a purchase from a competitor because of a poorly personalized experience.

recommended products

The Power of Recommended Products

When shoppers follow AI-powered product recommendations, their average order value increases by 14%.

return options

Options Matter to the Modern Shopper

74% of respondents are more likely to purchase online if they can return or exchange in-store.

The customer experience can make or break a brand's identity. How does yours measure up?

Customer expectations are higher than ever when it comes to online shopping. That means brands must provide a frictionless path to purchase online. Which steps in the buyer journey create the most turmoil? Enter the Complete Customer Experience report.

Blue Acorn iCi's team of commerce experts conducted a customer experience study that analyzes dozens of brands--from homepage to returns--across various industries and digital maturities. In partnership with Adweek/Brandweek Insights Group, we created a unique report based on findings from the customer experience study, best practices, and success stories. Are you ready for the big reveal?

Complete Customer Experience Report

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