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Quantity vs Quality

The average woman owns 40 beauty products, but only uses about 5. Additionally, 75% of consumers age 25-50 years old do not routinely finish their makeup before it expires or at all.


Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews, testimonials and user generated content are key drivers throughout the decision-making process for beauty consumers.

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Importance of Ingredients

73% of millennials report wanting natural skin care products, forcing brands to make fundamental changes from ingredients to product positioning

The beauty industry is worth a whopping $532 billion, and is expected to reach $863 billion by 2024.

The beauty industry is unique in many ways. The average beauty shopper is inundated with numerous cosmetics brands on a daily basis, many offering similar products. But what is it that makes one brand more appealing than another? In some industries, a hefty price tag is a direct indication of superior quality. In the beauty industry, studies prove that this isn't the case. As is true with many other industries, Millennials are shaping the way beauty brands position their products. From personalized products and experiences to “clean beauty” and augmented and virtual reality, learn what the modern beauty consumer expects when buying beauty products online. Download the free report to learn more!

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