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numerous integrations with trusted partners

Numerous integrations with trusted partners

investigated and remediated errors

Thorough investigation and remediation of coding errors

“The Blue Acorn team delivers what they promise; not just features, but results."
JP McCarvel, eCommerce Systems Manager, YETI

When poor coding practices from a website upgrade and redesign created an extensive backlog of errors, YETI thought there was no way they could hit their holiday revenue goals. That is, until they found a partner they could trust. Before the site launched, YETI brought Blue Acorn in to clear the backlog and get the site back on course. On a regular day, YETI's site received a tremendous amount of orders, but during the peak of the holiday season, the site saw 5x its normal volume. In addition to investigating and remediating errors, the Blue Acorn team added marketing elements to the site that garnered a 93% conversion rate. How exactly did they do that? Download the case study to find out!

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Blue Acorn is a digital agency and systems integrator dedicated to maximizing client satisfaction and online revenue for leading B2C and B2B brands. For all your ecommerce needs, an integrated team of designers, developers and strategists work together to deliver engaging shopping experiences for your customers and efficient processes for you. Whether you’re looking for fundamental or incremental change, the team at Blue Acorn will adopt your ecommerce KPIs as our own, and deliver the results that matter most to your organization. Services include replatforming, ecommerce design, systemsintegration, A/B testing, ongoing support, new feature development, analytics, and personalization.

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