Le Creuset
Case Study

Merging content with commerce,
going international and
solving returns.

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Catering to Color Loyal Customers  

Le Creuset customers are often invested in and loyal to their favorite color. The new site's "Find Your Color" feature allowed for shopping by color. 


Portraying Product Versatility

After struggling to showcase product versatility, Le Creuset's new site made it easy for content managers to create, manage and promote recipes that show off each product's versatility.


International Consistency

Le Creuset adopted the new U.S. site for international ecommerce sites as well. The site is live in 30 countries across four continents!

Launching and Improving Le Creuset

In 2013, Le Creuset team chose to partner with Blue Acorn iCi to design and develop a new ecommerce site, and have since continued to work with the agency to continually build a better online experience for Le Creuset customers.

“While our loyal customers would argue that Le Creuset produces their favorite cookware on the planet, few would offer similar praise for our old website. We had a lot of initiatives to grow our brand presence, but there was such a strong disconnect between the value we were providing with products and the value we were providing with our site. That’s when we started looking for a partner.” - Rick Dewalk, Ecommerce Technology Manager, Le Creuset

Case Study - Le Creuset

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